Winter Canvas Shell Rug Mini Sizes

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Winter Canvas Shell Rug Mini Sizes

All Winter products are made from an Australian DYNAPROOFED Tearstop canvas manufactured by Wax Convertors.
This is the best available form of waterproofing on the market.
All our rugs come with a shoulder gusset, large tail flap, rope reinforced neck line which helps prevent the neckline from stretching, three hood attachments.
The standard drop is 1 meter in length.
Shell hood and neck rugs have a satin lining to help prevent mane rub.
Our Winter Rugs Canvas Shell are exactly the same as our Winter Rugs but they do not have the lining.
Shells are great for days when there is rain around but it is not very cold.
Brilliant for putting over the top of rugs that are not waterproof.
Long Drop Extra Option will measure, 5ft6 & 5ft9 1.1m, 6ft0 1.15m, 6ft3 and above 1.2m PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT PROVIDE A REFUND ON RETURNS, ONLY EXCHANGE  .
Wax Convertors are the manufacturers of the canvas and if you have an issue with your canvas you must contact them directly.

Please Allow 7 to 10 days plus postage time for delivery